Purpose and Mission Statement

The Purpose of First Baptist Church of Hamilton is: To be representatives, on earth, of Christ’s Spiritual body, as citizens of the kingdom of God, called into the service as ambassadors for Christ the King.

The Mission of First Baptist Church of Hamilton is: To fulfill its purpose by focusing on three elements of priority for the good and growth of the church and the furtherance of the gospel to the unsaved in the world.

Three Elements of Mission to Fulfill the Purpose of First Baptist church of Hamilton are: To honor God’s Word, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible. And to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, as God- incarnate, and His substitutionary atonement on the cross as the only way of salvation. All to glorify God, as heavenly Father of all, who, by grace through faith, repent of sin and submit to the lordship of His Son, Jesus Christ.